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1616-WA. Saxe-Gotha. Johann Casimir & Johann Ernst Taler. DAV-7429. KM-17. Bright multicolored tone frames the centers with a strong strike further aiding the overall eye-appeal. A magnificent representative of the type that is likely unsurpassed in visual appearance. Accompanied with an old collector's ticket. Ex. New Netherlands Coin Company. NGC MS-63★. Stunning Coin.

1623 GA. Saxe-Middle-Weimar. Johann Ernst (1622-1626) and his 5 brothers Taler. Mintmaster: Gabriel Andrae. DAV-7532. Schnee 353, Koppe 220, Slg. Mers. 3844. Known as the "Pallas Taler" for the standing Pallas Athene dominating the obverse. Obv: Standing Pallas with flagpole and escutcheon, left the field with a laurel wreath. Rev: Crest. A choice example with lovely patination and mint luster. This design has a classical appeal featuring a standing figure of Pallas. NGC MS-62.

1632. GERMANY, Augsburg (Stadt). Gustav II Adolf der Große (the Great). As King of Sweden, 1611-1632. Taler (42mm, 28.98 g, 12h). DAV-4543; Forster 240; KM A68. Swedish occupation issue. Dated 1632. (rosette) GVSTAV : ADOLPH : D : G · SVECO : GOTHO : VANDALO : REX · MAG, laureate, draped, and armored bust facing slightly right / PRINC : FINLAND : DVX ETHO : ET · CARDOM : ING, crowned coat-of-arms of Sweden. Stunning GEM, deep iridescent toning. NGC MS-65.

Ex Richard A. Jourdan Collection, purchased from Stephen Harvey, December 1992.

Augsburg’s coinage vividly records changes in the city’s leadership during the Thirty Years’ War. This taler was minted in the name of Gustavus Adolphus, the Swedish king who occupied the predominantly Protestant city beginning in 1632. Only a few years after this coin was produced, the Habsburgs recaptured Augsburg, and the city resumed producing coins in the name of the Holy Roman Emperor.

1656. Germany. Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. August the Younger Wildman Taler 1656-HS, DAV-6341, KM4442.1. Extraordinary scarce condition, a bit of weakness in strike yet esentially no wear. NGC MS-64.

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