Maria Theresia (1740–1780)

1763. Hungary. Maria Theresia (1740-1780) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-1132. Obv: Empress bust. Rev: Madonna with Child in her left hand on the crescent moon in the glory, below crest. Scarcer type with superb quality given the state of the Madonna on the reverse which generally comes worn. Traditions of rubbing on the Madonna for luck has led to fewer surviving in such mint state conditions. NGC MS-63.

1764. Austria. Maria Theresia (1740-1780) Taler. Hall Mint. DAV-1121. KM-1816. Eypeltauer 79; M./T. 963. Obv: Armored, draped bust right, Rev: Crowned Imperial eagle with crowned multifold Arms, Tyrolean eagle at its center. PCGS MS-63.

1765 G-SC. Austria. Burgau. Gunzburg Mint. Maria Theresa (1740-1780) Taler. DAV-1147. KM-15. Obv: Armored bust right. Rev: Crowned double eagle. Beautifully toned, colorful hues with underlying luster across obverse and reverse. Superb specimen. NGC MS-64.

1766. Austria. Burgau. Maria Theresa Levant Taler 1766. DAV-1148. KM-16. Herinek-497. Günzburg mint. Variety with band of crown angled left. Typically unimaginable quality for any coin of such size and age as the present piece, ranking a full three grade points above the next finest at NGC. Endowed with a rich luster that nearly leaps from the fields, the planchet manages to balance age with beauty in the most spectacular fashion. NGC MS-67.


Ex. Cape Coral Collection (Heritage Auction #3089, January 2021, Lot 30006); Goldberg Auction 47 (May 2008, Lot 2343)

1888. Empress Maria Theresia (1740-1780) Medal. Vienna. A. Scharff (after M. Donner). 41.5mm, 28.08gr. Wurzbach-6050. Hauser 2417. 250 pieces commissioned by the Austrian Numismatic Society for its members for the inauguration of the Monument of Maria Theresia in 1888. The dies for this piece were dedicated to the society by the medalist Anton Scharff, who himself was a member. Previous work by the Viennese medalist, M. Donner, served as a model for the presentation as the inscription under the bust shows. Obv. Draped and diademed bust of Maria Theresa right. Medallist's signature ("A. Scharff after M. Donner") below. Rev: Star above inscription in three lines and palm-sprays in saltire. All within baroque foliage. Date (8th May 1888) in roman letters below. PCGS SP-65.


From the Michael Druck Collection

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