Maximilian I (1508-1519)

1518. Austria. Maximilian I (1493-1519) Guldiner or Taler. Klagenfurt Mint. 
42mm, 28.25 g, 7h). DAV-8007; Egg-33; Voglhuber-24. Obv: Collared and mantled bust left, wearing cap. Rev: Three crowned coats-of-arms over eight coats-of-arms, the lowermost crowned. A RARE early Taler, preserved far better than most seen, with an even strike that sharply details the designs and only slight evidence of softening over the highpoints. A touch of mottled tone over the obverse adds an admirable aged look to the overall appearance. NGC AU-55.


From the J. Eric Engstrom Collection. Ex Dr. James Eustace Bizzell Collection (Stack’s Bowers Galleries, 11 January 2019), lot 40016; American Numismatic Society Collection (Numismatica Genevensis SA VII, 27 November 2012), lot 1713, donated by W.B.O Field, 1946.

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