Ancient Coins


The history of coins extends from ancient times to the present, and is related to economic history, the history of minting technologies, the history shown by the images on coins, and the history of coin collecting. Coins are still widely used for monetary and other purposes.


All western histories of coins begin with their invention at some time slightly before or after 700 BC. in Aegina Island, or according to others in Ephesus, Lydia, 650 BC. Since that time, coins have been the most universal embodiment of money. These first coins were made of electrum, a naturally occurring pale yellow mixture of gold and silver that was further alloyed with silver and copper.

Also, the Persian coins were very famous in the Persian and Sassanids era. Most notably, in Susa and in Ctesiphon. Some of the most famous and widely collected coins of antiquity are Roman coins and Greek coins. The Byzantine Empire minted many coins (see Byzantine currency), including very thin gold coins bearing the image of the Christian cross and various Byzantine emperors.

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