Leopold I (1657-1705)

1659-KvB. Hungary. 2 Taler. Kremnitz mint. DAV-A3254. KM-155; Obv: Young Portrait of Leopold, right, wearing laurels, robe, and Order of the Golden Fleece. Rev: Crowned imperial eagle. Very scarce double taler type which I could not locate in any of the literature or auction data. Some tooling in fields. PCGS Genuine AU-Details.

1660-KvB. Hungary. Taler. Kremnitz mint. DAV-3254. Huszar 1365; Herinek 716; Voglhuber 225/1. Young Portrait of Leopold, right, wearing laurels, robe, and Order of the Golden Fleece. A superlative strike acheived by a careful double-strike. The earliest portrait style for Leopold I on Thalers. His Habsburg proclivities (the 'Habsburg lip') are not yet boldly depicted in this rendition. Scarce in mint state, finest known. NGC MS-63.

1667. Leopold I  (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" 1/10 Taler. Hall Mint. KM-1248. Herinek 906. M-T 718. Obv: Half-length armored ruler right,  holding scepter. Rev: Oval Arms in Collar of the Golden Fleece. A superb specimen with full gleaming mint brilliance and lovely multi-hued patina. Conditionally highly scarce one-year type with the date to the right of the Emperor. NGC MS-65.

1668. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Taler DAV 3240. Tyrol. Hall Mint. Scarcer date, younger bust. Absolutely amazing fully struck Taler. Obv. Bust facing right. Rev. Crowned Coat of Arms. This specimen exhibits incredible original antique patina, deeper in and around the devices, giving it top end eye-appeal. PCGS MS-64.

Purchased from Evan Gale's Aspen Park Collection.

1675 IAN. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Broad 2 Taler. Graz Mint. Johann Anton Nowak. 65mm, 50.7 grams. DAV-A3232. KM-1269x. Obv: Large laureate draped bust right. in ornate circle, imperial and royal titles. Rev: Archducal crown over oval 15-fold shield in Collar of the Golden Fleece, Panther of Styria in top row. Legend consists of titles ARCHI. AVSTRIAE. DVX. BVRGVNDIAE. STYRIAE Ec., 16-75. An impressive piece, which was well minted with the use of a roller press, leaving excellent surfaces of lustrous metal. Full detail of the design, probably the most pleasing on the reverse with its complex arms. Slightly lighter toning and more vibrant lustrous blue highlights. Free of all but the most minor handling marks. An exquisite multiple Taler with lovely old envelope toning and strong luster making for a pleasing and must have piece. NGC MS-65.  


Pedigreed to the The Rockaway Collection.

1680. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Taler. Hall Mint. DAV-3241. Moser Tursky- 704; Voglhuber-221 II. Scarcer date, one fabulous specimen, original luster and strong strike all over. A centerpiece of the collection. PCGS MS-64.

1683. Austria. Medallic Show Taler. Vienna. Designed by M. Hofmann. Voglhuber-239; HCZ-2468. Herstal 1845. 44 mm. Commemorating the liberation of Vienna from Turkish siege, the defeat of the Turks and the relief of the city of Vienna by Johann III Sobieski of Poland. Obv: The obverse portrays an imperial double eagle brandishing a sword and sceptre atop a globe showing a map of Vienna. The sun rises above while crescent moon sinks below. Rev: The reverse has a 21 line legend describing how the Polish King John III Sobieski, with 20,000 troops, relieved the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 and drove them back to the Raab, and thereby freed Hungary. By leading the decisive Polish cavalry charge himself, Sobieski was acclaimed the hero of Christendom. Beautifully toned with nice original mint luster. NGC graded MS-64.

1685. Austria. By Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer (Obv.) and Georg Hautsch (Rev.). House of Habsburg. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth", The Siege of Vienna and Victories over the Turks as part of the war with the Ottoman Empire. AR Medal. 40mm, 26.42gr. Lettered edge. Obv: infant genii hold medallic bust of Leopold over Vienna cityscape. Rev. Medallic vignettes of ten cities and conquered fortifications each in an oval cartouche - Gran, Solnock, Sarravas, Verovitiza, Ungwar, Neuhäusel, Caschau, Tockay, Novigrad and Eperies.. Julius 258; Mont 975; Horsky-2103. Dogan 6163. Popelka 26. Nuri Pere 11550. Lustrous.  PCGS SP-62.

1693-KB. Hungary. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3263A. KM-214.6. Superb, with highly-lustrous surfaces that boast glistening, champagne tone and feature an even strike from the roller dies. The overall allure of this massive Taler is immediate and every detail is fully-rendered, down the soft curls of Leopold's hair. Very impressive and well-preserved, this near-gem specimen is every bit worthy of its assigned grade. NGC MS-64.

1693. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Taler. Hall Mint. DAV-3243. KM-1303.2. Scarcer date. Deeply toned with flashes of russet and magenta, a most appealing example of this classic Austrian Taler. Rare in this superior grade. NGC MS-64.

1698. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Taler DAV-3245. Tirol, Hall Mint. Common date yet this piece is perfection with a rosey lusterous layer on a GEM graded 314 year. A keeper. NGC MS-65.

1698. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Taler. DAV-3235.Styria, Graz Mint. Tougher type. Lovely colorful toning and detail. Edge clip evident, yet does not take much away from the overall look of this coin. NGC MS-63.

ND (1680-86). Emperor Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth"  Double (2) Taler. Tirol, Hall Mint. DAV-3247. KM-1119.1. A cornerstone of the collection. I haven't see one in GEM grade prior and doubt I will again soon. Phenomenal specimen. NGC MS-65.

Purchased from Evan Gale, Owner - Aspen Park Rare Coins.

Emperor Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth". Double (2) Taler. Tirol, Hall Mint. DAV-3247. A remarkable large flan piece at mint state. Youthful bust of the Emperor. Core coin in the collection. NGC MS-65.

Emperor Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth". Double (2) Taler. Tirol, Hall Mint. DAV-3249. Stunning piece for this scarcer die variety. NGC MS-63.

Emperor Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Double (2) Taler. Tirol, Hall Mint. DAV-3252. An exquisite original choice uncirculated specimen and extremely scarce as such. Lovely even antique silvery patina overall, very sharply struck and fully lustrous. Amazing quality and eye-appeal. NGC MS-64.

1702 GE (Mintmaster, Gregor Egerer). Bohemia, Prague mint,  Leopold I Taler. DAV-1006. Dietiker-903. Herinek 657, Horsky- 2305, KM-611. Halacka-1394. Broad flan, superb issue for this scarcer type. This two year type (1696, 1702) is fairly scarce. The production of the Prague mint dwindled greatly after the devastation of the Thirty Years War.Pretty coin. NGC MS-63.

1703-KB. Hungary. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth" Half Taler. Kremnitz Mint. KM-251. Extreme luster across the coin. Rare type in this elite quality. NGC MS-65.

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