Matthias (1612-1619)

1609. Matthias II (1612-1619) Taler. Depicting Matthias as King of Hungary. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3037. NGC AU-58

1610. Austria. Matthias II (1612-1619) Taler. Depicting Matthias as King of Hungary. Vienna Mint. DAV-3051. Voglhuber 110/1. Huszár 1106. Centerpiece of this collection, does not come nicer than this and on a good day can be graded mint state. Rainbow toning, great detail on generally crude strikes for this type. PCGS AU-58.

1620. Hungary. Matthias II (1612-1619) Taler. DAV-3056. KM-59. Magnificent deep bluish gray toning with strong underlying luster. Coins of Matthias are scarce in all grades. Matthias died in 1619, thus this Taler was struck posthumously. I had paid a lot for it in absolute terms yet comparable auctions have this going for much higher in similar grades. NGC MS-62.


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