Francis II (1792–1835)

1815-C. Austria. Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (1804-1835) Thaler. Karlburg Mint. DAV-6. KM-2161. Full mint brilliance with exceptionally blemish-free surfaces - no adjustment marks or flan flaws. Rarely seen in this elevated designation. NGC MS-64.

1826-A. Lower Austria. Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (1804-1835) Thaler. Vienna Mint. DAV-9. KM-2163. A superb strike with battleship gray toning and strong underlying luster. Scarce in such condition. NGC MS-64.

1830-A. Lower Austria. 39mm, 28.06gr. Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (1804-1835) Taler. Vienna Mint. DAV-121. KM-417.1. Herinek 358. J. 202. A seldom encountered one year type with the Emperor on the obverse and Madonna and Child on the reverse. Obv: Laureated bust of Francis I of Austria with short hairstyle right. Mint initial (A) of the Vienna mint below. Legend: FRANC . I . D . G . AVST . IMP . HVNG . B . L . V . G . L . IL . REX . A . A . Rev: Crowned Madonna, holding scepter, orb and child, seated in clouds and stepped on crescent below. Legend: S . MARIA MATER DEI - PATRONA HVNG . Scarce one year type struck for Hungary. NGC MS-62.

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