Wolfgang Hannibal von Schrattenbach (1711-1738)

1719. Olmutz. Bishop Wolfgang von Schrattenbach (1711-1738) Taler. DAV-1218, Conditionally scarce GEM for the type. NGC MS-65.

1726. Austria: Olmütz. Bishop Wolfgang von Schrattenbach (1711-1738) Taler. DAV-1219A, Suchomel/Videman-753, KM-139. A magnificent representative and wholly deserving the Choice Mint State designation. The struck details are needle-sharp with nary a wisp of cabinet friction capping the grade, all laid out on valiantly shimmering fields, the obverse revealing a beautiful soft thistle undercurrent when viewed at an angle. NGC MS-64.


Auktion Rauch 109, November 2019, Lot 1816. Ex. Koehlmoos Collection.

1733. Austria: Olmütz. Bishop Wolfgang von Schrattenbach (1711-1738) Taler, DAV-1223; KM-440. Obv: Bust right. Rev: Capped arms. Multi color deep mottle tone with underlying mint luster. NGC graded MS-64.
Ex: Rarcoa, CICF sale April 1987, Lot 270.

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