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  • Michael Haring (Tuesday, February 20 24 03:37 pm EST)

    Very nice website and obviously very nice coins too.

    I would recommend everyone who is thinking of getting into austrian taler coins to read the short summaries on this website and look at the fine coins.

  • Walid Rubaih (Friday, July 28 23 10:39 pm EDT)

    Very intresting austrian european coins history and many information to add to my knowledge.

  • Phil Doudar (Tuesday, January 17 23 09:41 am EST)

    Most impressive collection and display. Was a joy going though it and re- living history through these coins.

  • Knut Nilsen, Norway (Friday, October 07 22 03:30 pm EDT)

    What a fantastic collection! And very nice of you to share it to the public!
    I am a taler collector as well:) I have collected the 7 coin types of the Spanish 300 Euro "History of the Dollar" 1kg silver coin 2017 and some more. Most of my coins is in the Fine, VF, XF area. So amazing to see Talers in Mint State:)

  • Max Xu (Monday, December 23 19 03:02 pm EST)

    Impressive website where you can learn a lot of knowledge and appreciate a lot of coins

  • Tide123 (Monday, December 23 19 02:56 pm EST)

    A great collection ! Love all of these coins

  • PG Yeoh (Tuesday, November 12 19 12:39 pm EST)

    Awesome collection!
    Great information!
    One of the best I ever see !

  • Peter (Monday, April 22 19 10:06 am EDT)

    Great website, had not come across it before, very impressed.

  • Jim Gossweiler (Thursday, September 13 18 12:34 pm EDT)

    I've spent about a gazillion dollars on graded thalers. I hope these baubles appreciate in value. I'm glad to see another thaler enthusiast.

  • joe (Wednesday, January 10 18 03:49 am EST)

    Great Website!
    Congratulations to your Website!

  • Syaiful (Sunday, November 19 17 03:42 am EST)

    Just found this page and really love this. Im also focusing on thaler from 1500-1799 date.

  • Ireneusz Rostkowski (Sunday, July 16 17 11:13 am EDT)

    Awesome! Highly aesthetic concept of collection! An unforgettable experience to see your collection. Thanks to share this opportunity with me.

  • alfred giovanniello (Tuesday, April 11 17 07:53 am EDT)

    beautiful web site. Interested in roman and Greek coins

  • Andres (Tuesday, June 21 16 09:49 am EDT)

    Like your ancient Roman - Greek collection. All in top grade I'm following the same path, although not slabbed, but raw.
    I'm pleasantly surprised by your beautifull (toned) roman Denarii , never seem them on the PCGS forum.
    regards from the Netherlands, Andres

  • mignon (Sunday, May 15 16 04:47 pm EDT)

    very educational. thank you

  • Al Kowsky (Saturday, April 09 16 12:31 pm EDT)

    I enjoyed your presentation on Roman Provincial Coins. The coin you illustrate of Caracalla was once in my collection. Heritage auctioned the coin for me along with many others in June of 2012.

  • Kevin G. (Tuesday, December 09 14 01:27 pm EST)

    A wonderful collection matched by a beautiful website. I especially enjoyed the noble house Thalers and the 1668 Danish wedding medal. Cheers.

  • panagiotis (Sunday, August 31 14 06:51 am EDT)

    Fantastic coin website.Best Ever see!!!
    Great infos & Great Taler Collection.Thanks for the sharing !!!!

  • John Solarz (Thursday, March 13 14 07:49 pm EDT)

    I had no idea what a Taler was until I recently acquired one and needed to research it. Your site is excellent and very informative. As soon as I can get some good pictures taken I'll work on sending
    them your way. I believe I have a 1586 3 Thaler with St. Martin on it. It's in a coin bezel on a silver chain in amazing condition for it's age.

  • Anthony Kuak (Sunday, March 09 14 11:43 pm EDT)

    One of the best website of Taler collection. Very informative.

  • John Reynolds (Monday, February 10 14 05:46 pm EST)

    A very engaging presentation around a beautiful collection. Thank you.

  • peter macho (Sunday, February 09 14 10:50 am EST)

    an impressing website to communicate the european and episcopal salzburgean taler coinage into the world !!!!!!!!

  • Dimitri (Monday, October 14 13 05:20 am EDT)

    Excellent website. It needs perhaps a more modern appearance, but the contents are impeccable.

  • Nick Zacny (Friday, August 16 13 10:52 am EDT)

    Excellent website! Well informed and well put together! A pleasure to poke around in!

  • Grove Minting Company (Monday, August 12 13 09:34 pm EDT)

    Upon researching the 1486 Guldiner we found your site to be quite informative. Although our product line is based around early US Pattern commemoratives, we occasionally come across Talers from time
    to time. Thank you for the historic stories and image references. All the best,
    Grove Minting

  • John Allen (Friday, October 26 12 11:21 am EDT)

    Very nicely done-tells me quite a bit about the thaler that I did not know. Really puts them in to prespective. Can't wait to purchase my first Goetz medal. Great job on the whole site. Any
    suggestions as to which medal should be my first to obtain? Thanks again for this beautiful site.

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