Rudolph II (1576-1612)

1590-KB. Rudolph II (1576-1612) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-8066. Beautifully toned well struck piece. Exceptional for the type. NGC MS-63. 

1598. Hungary. Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Hungary. Rudolph II (1576-1608) Taler. Nagybánya (Baia Mare) Mint. DAV-8068. Huszár 1037. Obv: Bust right, wearing ruff; coat-of-arms to left, Madonna holding infant Christ in clouds to right. Rev: Crowned double-headed eagle facing slightly right, wings spread, globus cruciger on breast; sword to left, scepter to right; N B flanking. NGC AU-58*.

1601-KB. Rudolph II (1576-1612) 2 Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3011. Fine patina, strongly pronounced relief, ex Frühwald A112 (02/2015), Lot no. 421. To my knowledge, the only known specimen in private hands. Very scarce in such denomination. PCGS AU-50.

1604. Rudolf II Taler, Hall mint, KM-25, DAV-3005. An incredible selection from start to finish, and one that demands total attention from the viewer at every turn. The surfaces are immaculate, but even better than that, they are drenched in a dramatic mélange of color--the obverse glows with magenta iridescence that envelopes the entirety of the legend and brightens the intricate portrait of Rudolf II, while the reverse glows with turquoise centers and a golden halo at the rims. The illustrations have benefitted from a precise strike, leaving the highest points incredibly crisp. Given the coveted "star" hallmark for outstanding appeal, and rightly so, as this coin easily bests any example previously offered, and is likely among the finest survivors of the type. NGC MS-67★ 

1604. AUSTRIA. Rudolph II (1576-1612) 2 Taler. DAV-3004. Obv: RVDOLPHVS.II.D.G:IM:SEM:HV:BO:REX Bust right with date below. Rev: NEC NON ARCHIDVCE-SA.DVC:BVR:CO:TIROL Crowned arms in Order chain. Davenport 3004. Lovely iridescent toning and patina. PCGS MS-64.

1604. AUSTRIA. Rudolph II (1576-1612) 3 Taler. 45.5mm, 5.44mm thick, 85.92 gr. DAV-3003. KM 59. Hall Mint. Obv: Armored laureate bust r. in circle, date at truncation. Rev: 16-fold oval Shield in Collar of the Golden Fleece with Latin titles NEC NON ARCHIDVCE-S A. DVC. BVR. CO: TIROL, Not Only Archdukes of Austria, (plural) but Duke of Burgundy, Count of Tyrol (singular). Dav.3003, .Obv: RVDOLPHVS.II.D.G:IM:SEM:HV:BO:REX Bust right with date below. NGC AU-58.

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