Rudolph II (1576-1612)

1590-KB. Rudolph II (1576-1612) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-8066. Beautifully toned well struck piece. Exceptional for the type. NGC MS-63. 

1601-KB. Rudolph II (1576-1612) 2 Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3011. Fine patina, strongly pronounced relief, ex Frühwald A112 (02/2015), Lot no. 421. To my knowledge, the only known specimen in private hands. Very scarce in such denomination. PCGS AU-50.

1604. Austria. Rudolf II (1576-1612) Taler. Hall Mint. DAV-3005. Beautifully toned coin with a sharp strike. Original surfaces with underlying luster. The finest graded example of this type. NGC MS-64.

1604. AUSTRIA. Rudolph II (1576-1612) 2 Taler. DAV-3004. Obv: RVDOLPHVS.II.D.G:IM:SEM:HV:BO:REX Bust right with date below. Rev: NEC NON ARCHIDVCE-SA.DVC:BVR:CO:TIROL Crowned arms in Order chain. Davenport 3004. Lovely iridescent toning and patina. PCGS MS-64.

1604. AUSTRIA. Rudolph II (1576-1612) 3 Taler. 45.5mm, 5.44mm thick, 85.92 gr. DAV-3003. KM 59. Hall Mint. Obv: Armored laureate bust r. in circle, date at truncation. Rev: 16-fold oval Shield in Collar of the Golden Fleece with Latin titles NEC NON ARCHIDVCE-S A. DVC. BVR. CO: TIROL, Not Only Archdukes of Austria, (plural) but Duke of Burgundy, Count of Tyrol (singular). Dav.3003, .Obv: RVDOLPHVS.II.D.G:IM:SEM:HV:BO:REX Bust right with date below. NGC AU-58.

1607. Austria. Rudolf II (1576-1612). Hall Mint. Dav-3005. KM-37.1. Beautifully toned with a stellar reverse. Small planchet flaw on obverse which does not distract much from this coin's appeal. Ex Dr. W. James MacFarland Collection, lot #3328, Bowers & Ruddy January 1981. NGC MS-63.

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