The Trautson family was an important Austrian noble family that originated in Tyrol had. From mid-16th century the Trautson moved to Lower Austria and rose to the powerful families of the Habsburg monarchy and the princes beyond.

1708-MM. Francis Eusebius (1663-1728) Taler. KM-31. DAV-1200. Obv: Bust with curly hair facing right, the top divides the legend. Legend (starts 1h) for "Fransciscus Eusebius Traustoni Comites in Falkenstein". IN with small letters. Lettering: FRANC EUSEB TRAVTHSONCOM IN FALKHENSTAIN. Rev: The 4 fold-arms (1 the imperial eagle with R, 2 the falcon of Falkenstein, 3 the rooster of Sprechenstein, 4 the Capricorn for Schrovenstein, in the centre, the horseshoe of the House of Trautson) are surrounded by 4 helmets each below the same symbols as the arms. Date divided below. Legend (starts 2h) for "Liber Baro in Sprechenstein et Schrovenstein". IN with small letters. NGC MS-63.


The Haus Trautson from Tyrol was ground in the 13th century under Emperor Rodolph I, hence the R in the arms on the eagle. It received the County of Falkenstein (Niederösterreich) at the end of the 16th century (1572) from Emperor Maximilian II. Sprechenstein belonging to the Trauston family, is located in Italy, current South Tyrol. Only the ruins of the Burg Schrofenstein still exist in Stanz bei Landeck in Austrian Tyrol.

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