Francis Joseph I (1848–1916)

Franz Joseph ruled from 1848 to 1916. With such a long reign, many coins were struck with his likeness, some as a young man, some older. Further, there are several denominations of silver and gold coins with Franz Joseph's likeness, and they all have the double-headed imperial eagle on the reverse.

1855-A. Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph (1848-1916) Thaler. Lower Austria, Vienna Mint. DAV-17. Spectacular specimen with lusterous prooflike surfaces likely a result of a very early strike, Seldom found this nice in GEM condition. NGC MS-65.

1857-A. Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph (1848-1916) Thaler. Lower Austria, Vienna Mint. DAV-21. GEM in every way with prooflike surfaces. Undergraded in my opinion. NGC MS-65PL.

1857. Austria, Empire. Franz Joseph I. Emperor, 1848-1916. 1857 Southern Railway 2 Thaler. Mint Place: Vienna (A). Engraver: Carl Radnitzky. Silver. 41mm. DAV-20. Herinek: 821. KM-2246.1. Variety. Mintage: 1,644. On 27 July 1857, the Austrian railway company k.k. Südliche Staatsbahn (SStB) completed the construction of Trieste's first railway facilities. On the same day, in the presence of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, the new terminal station at Trieste, including its relatively modest original passenger building designed by the engineer Carl Ritter von Ghega was officially opened. The inclusion of Trieste in the main axis of the Austrian Südbahn generated an economic upswing in the largest and most important port city ruled by the Austrian monarchy, and strengthened its position in the Habsburg Empire. The present day rail network of the city of Trieste is based, for the most part, upon railway lines constructed by the former Austrian Empire. 


Scarce type with a very low total mintage of which a few have survived in this select quality. NGC MS-62.

1865-A. Austria. Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph (1848-1916) 2 Thaler. Vienna mint. DAV-23. KM-2249. Mintage: 7,425. Obv: Laureate head right. Rev: Crowned imperial double eagle. With definite eye appeal, this immense multiple Taler features the laureate head of Franz Joseph and the representative crowned, double-headed eagle upon the reverse. The surfaces are beautifully styled, with bold central detail heightened by the collection of charcoal color at the edges, and only mild handling observed throughout the fields. Rarely offered at the Mint State level, and an exciting opportunity as such. PCGS MS-62.

1865-E. Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph (1848-1916) Thaler. Karlsburg Mint. DAV-26. Herinek 479. KM-2244. One of the nicest in existance. Just luster and detail all over. PCGS MS-66.

1870. Franz Joseph as Emperor of Austria (1848-1916) Double Florin. Vienna Mint. KM-2232. DAV-27. Lightly toned with superb reflectivity. Very rare in Proof Cameo. Superb eye appeal. NGC PF 66 Cameo.

1875. AUSTRIA. Franz Joseph (1848-1916) Pribram Gulden (Florin). 29mm, 12.31gr. J. 365; Müseler 6/44. Y-17. KMX-M2. Rare commemorative marking the exploration of the Adalbert mine in Přibram reaching 1000 meters depth. Mintage of 8,000. Obv: Laureate head right. Rev: Slovak commemorative legend surrounds wreath UPOMINKA NA DOSAZENOU KOLMOU HLOUBKU 1000 METRU, with same in German equivalent in wreath. Edge shows the standard coinage motto, incuse VIRIBVS VNITIS - By United Strengths. Magnificent luster for this key coin of the entire Austrian commemorative series. PCGS MS-66+, likely the finest known.

1880. Austria. Emperor Franz Joseph I (1848 – 1916) 2 Florin. Vienna Mint. 36mm. Engraver Anton Scharff. DAV-32. KM-XM6. Peltzer, 1932; Hauser 5101; Thun 465. Frühwald 1911. Steulm. P.125, 1; ANK 55; 1911.Struck to commemorate the First Federal Shooting Festival On the occasion of the Austrian Confederation in Vienna, 1880. Obv: Crowned Double Eagle in Coat of Arms. Rev. Standing city goddess, Vindobona, with flag and coat of arms next to the sitting Austria. Lightly-patinated surfaces accented by iridescent hues of turquoise and amber residing within the reverse motifs. Intricately-designed and with undeniable eye-appeal, endlessly collectible at this Gem level of preservation. PCGS MS-65.

1885. Emperor Franz Joseph I (1848-1916) 2 Gulden. 36mm. 22.28g. Commemorative issue for the 2nd Austrian Federal Marksmanship Shooting Festival at Innsbruck. Vienna Mint. Horsky-6309. Peltzer-1879. Design: A. Scharff and A. Busson. Obv: Emperor Maximilian I crowned as the winner in Tyrolean hunting dress, crossbow on the right shoulder. Rev: Coat of arms, double eagle. Superb iridescent toning with lots of underlying luster. NGC MS-66.

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