Joseph I (1705-1711)

1699 Joseph I (1705-1711) Medal by P. H. Müller. 44mm, 29.86gr. Commemorating Joseph I's wedding with Amalia Wilhelmina von Braunschweig u. Calenberg. Mont: 1277, Coll. Julius 570. Spectacular design and toning. NGC MS-64.

1706. Joseph I (1705-1711) Taler. Hall Mint. DAV-1018. Voglhuber 245/2. Beautiful colorful toning over luster. NGC MS-64.

1707. Joseph I (1705-1711) Taler. DAV-1018. Tyrol, Hall Mint. Lovely patina, and superb eye appeal. PCGS MS-64.

1708. IMH. Austria. Joseph I (1705-1711) Taler. Vienna Mint.Obv: Large armored portrait right, legends around. Rev: Crowned imperial double eagle at center, legends and date around. DAV-1013, KM-1444. Frosty luster with super sharp strike. Mirror like reverse. Spectacular coin. NGC MS-65.

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