Archduke Leopold V (1619-1632)

ND (1626) Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Double Taler Commemorating the marriage of the Archduke to the Princess Claudia of Medici. Hall Mint. DAV-3332. KM-639. Archduke Leopold, As count of Tyrol, 1626-1632. Busts of Leopold and Claudia right. Reverse: Wreath over eagle. Nicely toned, choice piece. NGC MS-63.

AUSTRIA. ND (1626) Erzherzog Leopold V (1619-1632) 2 Talers. Hall Mint. 57.4gm. DAV-3335. KM-609.1. Obv: Crowned and armored, half-length figure of the Archduke right holding scepter over shoulder and sword / DVX BVRGVNDIAE COMES TIROLIS. Rev: Tyrolean eagle, wreath above. Sharply struck, superb original lustrous surfaces. Very rare in this quality. NGC MS-64.

1626. Austria. Archduke Leopold V (1619-1632) Double Taler. DAV-3336. Tirol, Hall Mint. One of the better pieces - very scarce in mint state. A core piece in the collection. NGC MS-62+.

Austria. Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Taler. DAV-3337. KM# 629.1. Obverse: Crossed half figure in armor with sword and scepter, date in front. Reverse: Crowned arms with decorations on sides. Remarkable iridescent coin with superb eye appeal and underlying luster. PCGS MS-65.

1632. Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Taler. DAV-3338. KM-804.2. Tyrol, Hall Mint. Obv: Bust of Leopold and crowned battleship , right, holding a scepter in his right hand and the handle of his sword with his left hand . Date in field right. Rev: Crowned Arms , surrounded by the collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece. NGC MS-67. 


Probably of the finest Talers extant, pedigreed to the J.J Grano Collection and NGSA III Sale (2004), Lot 255. 

1632. Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Taler. DAV-3338. Tyrol, Hall Mint. One of the cornerstones of the collection. Super graded, lusterous piece with amazing sharp detail. Probably an early strike and wonderfully preserved specimen. Obv: Half figure holding sword right. Reverse: Crowned arms with Order chain around arms. Superb strike and virtually flawless surfaces with beautiful light rose and blue patina and full luster. Amazing quality and eye-appeal. NGC MS-66.


This Taler came out of a private collection in London.

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