Archduke Leopold V (1619-1632)

1620. Austria. Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Taler, Hall Mint. DAV-3328. KM-264. Moser/Tursky 419. Obv: Bust right dividing date. Rev: Crowned arms with shields of Strasburg and Passau below. Original luster with subdued toning especially on the high points. PCGS MS-64. 

ND (1626) Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Double Taler Commemorating the marriage of the Archduke to the Princess Claudia of Medici. Hall Mint. DAV-3332. KM-639. Archduke Leopold, As count of Tyrol, 1626-1632. Busts of Leopold and Claudia right. Reverse: Wreath over eagle. Nicely toned, choice piece. NGC MS-63.

Austria. ND (1635) Archduke Leopold V (1625 - 1632) 2 Taler. Hall. Silver, 57.04g. On marriage to Claudia von Medici, hybrid coinage from the obverse stamp of the posthumous coinage from 1635 and the obverse stamp of the coinage from 1626. Both crowned busts side by side on the right, inscription begins on the right: (diamond) LEOPOLDVS • ARCHID: AVS: ET • CLAVDIA • ARCHIDVCISA • AVS: MEDIC // Both crowned busts side by side on the right, inscription begins on the left: * LEOPOLD: AR: D: AV: ET: CLAVDIA: ARCHIDVCISA: AVSTRI: MEDIC. Dav. A 3334, M./T. (487/463, see text p. 274). NGC MS-63.

AUSTRIA. ND (1626) Erzherzog Leopold V (1619-1632) 2 Talers. Hall Mint. 57.4gm. DAV-3335. KM-609.1. Obv: Crowned and armored, half-length figure of the Archduke right holding scepter over shoulder and sword / DVX BVRGVNDIAE COMES TIROLIS. Rev: Tyrolean eagle, wreath above. Sharply struck, superb original lustrous surfaces. Very rare in this quality. NGC MS-64.

1626. Austria. Emperor Leopold V (1619-1632) 2 Taler. Hall Mint. DAV-3336; KM-609.2. One year issue depicting Leopold V with scepter above shoulder, the reverse depicting an eagle. Struck at the beginning of the Thirty Years' War and somewhat late in Leopold V's life. Leopold V abandoned his ecclesiastical positions in 1626 so he could marry Claudia de' Medici. This coin was presumably issued prior to the nuptials since it lacks the conjoined busts seen later in the year featuring the newlyweds. Clear evidence of being struck on roller dies. This is a stellar specimen, likely to be among the finest, if not the finest in terms of technical grade and eye appeal. , with colorful toning deemed a bit too exuberant to be natural. NGC MS-64.

1626. Austria. Archduke Leopold V (1619-1632) Double Taler. DAV-3336. Tirol, Hall Mint. One of the better pieces - very scarce in mint state. A core piece in the collection. NGC MS-62+.

Austria. Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Taler. DAV-3337. KM# 629.1. Obverse: Crossed half figure in armor with sword and scepter, date in front. Reverse: Crowned arms with decorations on sides. Remarkable iridescent coin with superb eye appeal and underlying luster. PCGS MS-65.

1632. Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Taler. DAV-3338. KM-804.2. Tyrol, Hall Mint. Obv: Bust of Leopold and crowned battleship , right, holding a scepter in his right hand and the handle of his sword with his left hand . Date in field right. Rev: Crowned Arms , surrounded by the collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece. NGC MS-67. 


Probably of the finest Talers extant, pedigreed to the J.J Grano Collection and NGSA III Sale (2004), Lot 255. 

1632. Archduke Leopold (1619-1632) Taler. DAV-3338. Tyrol, Hall Mint. One of the cornerstones of the collection. Super graded, lusterous piece with amazing sharp detail. Probably an early strike and wonderfully preserved specimen. Obv: Half figure holding sword right. Reverse: Crowned arms with Order chain around arms. Superb strike and virtually flawless surfaces with beautiful light rose and blue patina and full luster. Amazing quality and eye-appeal. NGC MS-66.


This Taler came out of a private collection in London.

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