Ferdinand I (1521-1564)

ND (ca. 1574-1575). Ferdinand I (1521-64) Taler. Hall Mint. Posthumously struck coinage. DAV-8030. Obv: Crowned, armored and bearded half-length figure, (with elderly features) right, holding sword and scepter. Rev: Single headed heraldic eagle left, with shield including Austrian (stripes of Hapsburg) and Spanish (castle of Castile) arms. A rolling-dies mint was introduced in Austria during the rule of Ferdinand II (after 1564), which led previously to the wrong conclusion, that this rare type is a posthumous strike. Due to further research and numismatic discussions, the origin of the so called "Walzentaler" ("rolling-dies thaler") became more likely to be Augsburg, where the Emperor spent few more few months (January 1555 - September 1555). A nice specimen of this rare type, with raising popularity, especially after the discovery of its German-City-Mint origin!. Superb condition for this rare type. PCGS MS-64.

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