Archbishopric of Gurk

Gurk Episcopal Coat of Arms

The Bishop of Gurk is the head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gurk, which was established in 1072 as the first suffragan bishop by Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg in the Duchy of Carinthia. Initially performing the functions of a mere archiepiscopal vicar, the Gurk bishops did not receive a small episcopal territory until 1131. They were elevated to the rank of prince-bishops by Emperor Frederick III in 1460, however, this title remained honorific and did not involve any immediate statehood. In the course of the Josephinist reforms in 1783, the bishops' see was relocated to the Carinthian capital Klagenfurt and the diocese significantly enlarged.

1801 Austria. Gurk. Franz Xavier V, Graf von Salm-Reifferscheid (1782-1822) Taler. Vienna Mint. KM-2, DAV-40. Holzmair 66 Kahnt 187. Slg. Unger 1972. CSch. 2517, Schulman 4246. Slg. Horsky 4800. 41mm. 28.22gr. A seldom offered one year type from this small Bishopric of Gurk, located in Carthinia and absorbed by Austria a few years after this coin was struck. Obv: Bust right, wearing zucchetto and mantum. Rev: Coat-of-arms surmounted by galero and tassels; all crowned and mantled; crossed sword and croizer behind. An exceedingly lustrous gem, with even, steel gray surfaces and an extremely pleasant cabinet tone comprised of deep cobalt and a charming crimson. Exceptionally reflective, this specimen delivers on every aspect and tantalizes the viewer, and is conditionally scarce as such. NGC MS-65.


Ex. Heritage 3051, January 9, 2017, Lot 32007
Ex. Heritage 425, January 8, 2007, Lot 50464

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