Ferdinand III (1637-1657)

1641/39. Emperor Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Augsburg Taler. DAV-5039. Spectacular specimen - sharp strike, lovely original patina. Stellar coin. PCGS MS-65.

1641/39. Austria. Emperor Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Double Taler 1641/39, Graz Mint, Silver(55.56g), Dav-A3186, Fantastic old cabinet toning, very rare in this condition. NGC MS-63.

1648-M. Austria. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. DAV-3190. Stryria. Graz Mint. Scarcer type. Strong strike, sharp details and lovely toning over luster. Fabulous addition to my set. I really like this one. NGC MS-64.

1649. Austria. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. DAV-3177. KM-840. Lower Austria. Vienna Mint. Scarcer type and mint. Wonderful piece having a superb strike coupled with toning over mint luster. Scarce this nice. NGC MS-64.

1648-KB. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3198. Superb strike, coupled by lovely toning and accents. Natural patina across surfaces. NGC MS-64.

1652-KB. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3198. Strong strike for the type, highy lustrous. highly desired in such condition. This remarkable Taler has survived the test of time and man. Many Talers don't exhibit the type of delicate champagne tone on both sides that are accentuated by light amber highlights gracefully. Nor surfaces that are virtually unscathed. Minuscule weakness exists in the strike within the peripheries but considered the splendid overall condition it's irrelevant. Elegantly sharp comes to mind when viewing this offering. NGC MS-64.

1657. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. DAV-3194. Carinthia. St. Veit Mint. Scarce type and mint. Lustrous coin with lovely coloring all around. They don't come nicer than this. NGC MS-64.

1657. Austria. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. DAV-3184. KM-840. Lower Austria. Vienna Mint. Lovely irridesent toning with lot of luster.. Scarce variety this nice. NGC MS-64.

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