Charles VI (1711–1740)

1713. Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler. DAV-1050. Hall Mint. Toned, multi color coin, with pristine fields. NGC MS-63.

1715/3. Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler. DAV-1101. Transylvania. Siebenbürgen Mint. One of the scarcest pieces in the collection. Seldom seen in auctions and only graded mint state piece by either grading service. Beautiful toning over remaining luster. 1715/3 Overdate. A centerpiece of the collection.  NGC MS-62.

1717. Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler. DAV-1035. Lower Austria, Vienna Mint. Superb strike and eye appeal beyond what this image could capture.. NGC MS-64.

ND. Charles VI (1711-1740) Double Taler. DAV-1049. Tyrol, Hall Mint. Old aged cabinet toning over lots of luster. Very scarce no date variety type. Wonderful showcase piece. NGC MS-64.

1728. Austria. Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler. DAV-1054. Herinek-346. Hall Mint. Colorful piece, well struck with lots of underlying luster. Superb coin which possesses both top end eye appeal and a scarce grade. NGC MS-65.

1728. Austria. Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler. DAV-1055. KM-1639.1. Hall mint. Obv: Laureate, draped, and armored bust right, wearing Order of the Golden Fleece. Rev: Crowned double eagle holding sword and scepter, coat-of-arms within Order chain on breast, Tyrolean eagle in center.  Beautifully toned, iridescent, coin. PCGS MS-64.

1731. Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler, DAV-1086. Bohemia. Prague Mint. Exceptional coin, planchet flaw on reverse only issue preventing perfection. NGC MS-64.

1733-KB. Charles VI (1711-1740) Taler. DAV-1060. Herinek 448, Huszár 1605. Kremnitz Mint. Top end piece of this scarcer mint issue. Lusterous piece, superb for the type. NGC MS-65.

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