House of Schwarzenberg

Schwarzenberg is a Czech (Bohemian) and German (Franconian) aristocratic family, and it was one of the most prominent European noble houses. The Schwarzenbergs are members of the Czech nobility and German nobility and achieved the rank of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire. The family belongs to the high nobility and traces its roots to the Lords of Seinsheim during the Middle Ages.

1696-MIM. Schwarzenberg. Ferdinand Wilhelm Eusebius (1652-1703) Taler. Kremnitz mint. DAV-7702. KM-17. Mintmaster: Martin Josef Mayerl. Obv: Conjoined busts of Ferdinand and Maria Anna. FERDINAND ET MARIA ANNA. Rev: Two crowned and mantled shields, date above, legend begins at bottom. Reverse legend variety: D: G: PRINC. A SCHWARZENBERG.HAERES.LANDGRAVIA.IN SVLZ+. Almost proof like contrasts between fields and devices. A flashy example of this scarce issue in a stunning state of technical preservation, with a marvelous cabinet patina and needle-sharp detail throughout the devices. PCGS MS-66.

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