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I am a passionate collector and these come from my core collection. At times, I purchase multiple coins of a certain type and over time I sell or trade these duplicates for others. Please have a look at the categories to the left and feel free to reach out to should you have additional questions.

Guelders, Holland (Roermond, Lowlands) Silver Snaphaan, (ND-1492-1538) (Netherlands Zutphen). 1492, the year America was discovered and the first year of the rein of Charles of Egmond who was a member of the House of Egmond and who ruled as Duke of Guelders and Count of Zutphen from 1492 to 1538. The title of Count of Zutphen historically belonged to the ruler of the Dutch province of Gelderland (Zutphen being one of the major cities in the province during the Medieval period). The line of the Counts of Zutphen became extinct in the 12th century and the title passed onto the rulers of Burgundy then from then to the King of Spain until Gelderland became one of the provinces to revolt and form the United Provinces. Obverse has a medieval knight in full battle gear on horseback, with sword drawn in full charge gallop, which gave this coin its name, “snaphaan” as knights were known for snapping up local poultry and speeding away! Early Medieval coins of this size (appx. size of U.S. Dollar) and this condition are excessively rare. Coin is undated, but 1492 was the first year of mintage. RRR, Delmonte-516, Van der Chijs(1852) Pl.18.42. AMONG THE FINEST KNOWN, RRRR. This coin has no flat spots, is well struck on a full planchet & covered with a soft, brilliant golden sunset tone. PCGS XF-40, the only one graded by PCGS or NGC. 


Price: $1,350

1616-WA. Saxe-Gotha. Johann Casimir & Johann Ernst Taler. DAV-7429. KM-17. Bright multicolored tone frames the centers with a strong strike further aiding the overall eye-appeal. A magnificent representative of the type that is likely unsurpassed in visual appearance. Accompanied with an old collector's ticket. Ex. New Netherlands Coin Company. NGC MS-63★. Stunning Coin.

Price: $3,500

1623. Salzburg. Paris of Lodron (1619-1653) Taler. DAV-3497. Very hard to find these in mint state with a sharp strike. These were crudely minted and have plachet flaws, as this one does. One of the centerpieces of the set. NGC MS-63.

Price: $2,100

1623 GA. Saxe-Middle-Weimar. Johann Ernst (1622-1626) and his 5 brothers Taler. Mintmaster: Gabriel Andrae. DAV-7532. Schnee 353, Koppe 220, Slg. Mers. 3844. Known as the "Pallas Taler" for the standing Pallas Athene dominating the obverse. Obv: Standing Pallas with flagpole and escutcheon, left the field with a laurel wreath. Rev: Crest. A choice example with lovely patination and mint luster. This design has a classical appeal featuring a standing figure of Pallas. NGC MS-62.


Price: $1,750

1655KB. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3198. Very desirable in mint state. Strong strike for the type, highly desired in such condition. NGC MS-63.


Price: $1,500

1656. Germany. Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. August the Younger Wildman Taler 1656-HS, DAV-6341, KM4442.1. Extraordinary scarce condition. NGC MS-64.


Price: $3,500

1766. Austria. Burgau. Maria Theresa Levant Taler 1766. DAV-1148. KM-16. Gunzburg mint in Burgau. Burgau, located near Ulm in Germany, belonged to the Holy Roman Empire during the 18th century. It later passed to Bavaria. Well struck and fully brilliant luster intact. Austria minted a Levant Trade Thaler for two years. The venture was not a long-term success. The type is rather common in well worn condition, but Choice, Mint State specimens are very scarce. PCGS MS-64.


Price: $1,200

1769 IWS. Brunswick-Luneberg-Calenberg-Hannover Mining Taler. Mintmaster:Johann Wilhelm Schlemm (IWS). Electorate of Hannover, George III (1760-1807). Mint: Clausthal. DAV-2104. KM 343. Welter, 2802; Müseler, 10.6.4/4. Obv: British royal crown ontop of coat-of-arms of the House of Hannover (British royal arms). Rev: Features a standing effigy of Saint Andreas superimposed against cross. Togate and nimbate facing figure of Saint Andreas carrying X-shaped cross. Mint master`s initials (I.W.S.) in exergue. This type depicting St. Andrew with his cross is recorded for 1761-73. The Duchy of Brunswick was divided and subdivided in the seventeenth century but was eventually reassembled as the Kingdom of Hannover before being absorbed into Prussia in 1866.  In addition to all of the facial and hair detail remaining present, the cross sectional grain of the wood on the surface of the cross is fully preserved. The reverse coat of arms is equally impressive. A somewhat common coin in the circulated grades, at this elite level of preservation the issue becomes conditionally rare. NGC MS-64.


Price: $1,600

1791 ICK. GERMAN STATES. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1/2 Taler. Friedrich Karl. Saalfeld. KM 133; Jaeger 20; Fischer 587.Obv: Bust of Friederick Karl facing left. Rev: Two nude bushmen aside the coat of arms. Superb lustrous gem, attractively toned. NGC MS-65.

Price: $1950

1820. Austria. Bishopric State of Olmütz 1/2 Taler. Rudolf Johannes Joseph Rainier von Habsburg-Lothringen (1819-1830). Archbishop and Cardinal, 1819/20-1831. Bust left. Crowned and mantled coat-of-arms. Lichnowsky/Meyer-538. Suchomel/Videman 1203. NGC MS-64.


Price: $850

1700s. Augsburg. Free State. Silver baptismal medal o. J., by P. H. Müller (Philipp Heinrich Müller (1654-1719). 49.03 mm, 29.13gr. Forster 872; Coll. Goppel 1106. Slg.Erl. 2250. u. 4423. Obv: A priest baptizes a child at a baptismal font, next to Christ on the cross; The blood spring bouncing off his side, the priest begins to baptize, above, the dove of the Holy Spirit and God the Father in clouds. “And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live, Rev: Christ as a wanderer passes by a child lying on the ground. UNC.


Price: $400

1700s. Augsburg as Free State. Wedding medal o. J. (around 1700), by P. H. Müller. 54.69mm; 43.54gr. Obv: Marriage medal depicting the bride and groom standing opposite each other, shaking hands, before a sprouting vine. Rev: Two hands coming from heave, out of clouds, holding a heart, above them radiant name of Jehovah, Below two beaking pigeons on an olive branch. Forster 879; Coll. Goppel 1030. NGC MS-61.


Price: $600

GERMAN STATES. Augsburg. 18th Century (ND) AR Medal. By PH Muller. 44mm. On marriage and the family. Obv: Pair, connected by chain with heart in the center, below radiant triangle. Rev: Female figure with cornucopia leads a boy holding a bird's nest; in the background, hen and chicks. Goppel 1035; Forster 878. NGC MS-63.


Price: $800

ND (Ca. 1717). Silver medal, by P. H. Miiller, on the apostolic faith confession. 40mm. 20.26gr. Forster 867; Goppel 2811. Obv: The creed, worm-like inward. Rev: Three angel heads between 3 medallions with the creation of Eve, the resurrection of Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In the interval angels, foliage and the initials of the medalist. The religious confession is the testimony of the personal faith as well as the testimony of a religious community (apostolic = which comes from the apostles or their doctrine corresponds). PCGS SP-55.


Price: $500

Augsburg. GERMAN STATES. Augsburg (c. 1850) AR Medal. By Drentwett. 40.0mm, 22.01gr. Obv: Confirmation scene, bishop blessing child, standing behind family, over it the Holy Spirit. Rev: God is that guids us and the weak in spirit has been granted our hearts. NGC MS-64.


Price: $225

1830. Augsburg. Reformation Medal celebrating the3rd Jubilee of the Augsburg Confession. June 25, 1830. 44mm. 26,94g. Whiting 659. Mann 1015. Brozatus 1307. Fast 307. Schnell 307. Sommer P 37/1. Merseburger 2151. Engraved by Loos and Pfeuffer. Obv: Martin Luther and Melanchthon stand at the altar with the Bible open - O Land! Land! Land! Hear the word of the Lord. On Bible: Jeremiah 22:29. Rev: Dr. Christian Bayer, Chancellor of Saxony, hands over to the King Charles V the evangelical Confession at the Reichstag at Augsburg. Rim: ‘Fine silver worth of a Joachimstaler'. Beautifully toned NGC MS-63.


Price: $450

Iraq. King Faisal I mint year AH1350//1932. One Riyal. KM-101. 500,000 minted. 34mm, 29gr. Obverse: Head of King Faisal I right. "Faisal Al-awal" (Faisal the First) written right side anti-clockwise. "Malik Al-Iraq" (King of Iraq) written left anti-clockwise. Reverse: "Al Mamlakah" (Kingdom) written above. 1932AD year on left and AH1350 year on right. Value (1 Riyal) in center circle. "Al-Iraqiyah" (Iraq) written below.This coin is extremely rare in mint state condition (finest is MS-64) and this particular one is the finest graded. PCGS MS-62.

Price: $2,750

1967. Israel. 10 Lirot Six Day War Victory. PF-68. 


Price: $175

1967. Port of Elilat. NGC PF-68 Cameo.


Price: $175

Medal commemorative devoted to the memory of Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687). Engraver: Ewa Olszewska-Borys. Cast bronze. 109x115mm. Issued by the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork, 1986. 


Price: $700

Medal commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork. Engraved by Ewa Olszewska-Borys, 1985. Struck tombac, 70 mm.


Price: $150

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