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Guelders, Holland (Roermond, Lowlands) Silver Snaphaan, (ND-1492-1538) (Netherlands Zutphen). 1492, the year America was discovered and the first year of the rein of Charles of Egmond who was a member of the House of Egmond and who ruled as Duke of Guelders and Count of Zutphen from 1492 to 1538. The title of Count of Zutphen historically belonged to the ruler of the Dutch province of Gelderland (Zutphen being one of the major cities in the province during the Medieval period). The line of the Counts of Zutphen became extinct in the 12th century and the title passed onto the rulers of Burgundy then from then to the King of Spain until Gelderland became one of the provinces to revolt and form the United Provinces. Obverse has a medieval knight in full battle gear on horseback, with sword drawn in full charge gallop, which gave this coin its name, “snaphaan” as knights were known for snapping up local poultry and speeding away! Early Medieval coins of this size (appx. size of U.S. Dollar) and this condition are excessively rare. Coin is undated, but 1492 was the first year of mintage. RRR, Delmonte-516, Van der Chijs(1852) Pl.18.42. AMONG THE FINEST KNOWN, RRRR. This coin has no flat spots, is well struck on a full planchet & covered with a soft, brilliant golden sunset tone. PCGS XF-40, the only one graded by PCGS or NGC. 


Price: $1,350

1547. German States, Lüneburg. AR Taler (41mm, 28.52 g, 12h). DAV-9419; Schnee 4; MB-65; Mader-158. Obv: ORIENS EX ALTO 1547 VISITAVIT NOS, personification of the moon in crescent form. Rev: MONETA NOVA CIVITATIS LVNEBVRG, coat of arms before city gate with three towers. PCGS XF-40.


Price: $3,000

1616-WA. Saxe-Gotha. Johann Casimir & Johann Ernst Taler. DAV-7429. KM-17. Bright multicolored tone frames the centers with a strong strike further aiding the overall eye-appeal. A magnificent representative of the type that is likely unsurpassed in visual appearance. Accompanied with an old collector's ticket. Ex. New Netherlands Coin Company. NGC MS-63★. Stunning Coin.

Price: $3,500

1623. Salzburg. Paris of Lodron (1619-1653) Taler. DAV-3497. Very hard to find these in mint state with a sharp strike. These were crudely minted and have plachet flaws, as this one does. One of the centerpieces of the set. NGC MS-63.

Price: $2,100

1655KB. Ferdinand III (1637-1657) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3198. Very desirable in mint state. Strong strike for the type, highly desired in such condition. NGC MS-63.


Price: $1,500

1791 ICK. GERMAN STATES. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1/2 Taler. Friedrich Karl. Saalfeld. KM 133; Jaeger 20; Fischer 587.Obv: Bust of Friederick Karl facing left. Rev: Two nude bushmen aside the coat of arms. Superb lustrous gem, attractively toned. NGC MS-65.


Price: $1,950



1803 Hamburg. Engraved by Abramson (unsigned). 37mm, 13.5gr. Commemorating the 1,000th anniversary of the city. Obv: Radiant name of God above view of the city dated 803 with three fisherman huts on the banks of the Elbe in the foreground and fishing boats. Rev: Radiant name of the god above, dated 1803, a city view of the fortified city from the harbor side with sailing ships, in front of the Elbe with several sailing ships. Gaedechens 2001. Hoffmann 142. COLL. Kirsten 1040. Beautiful Patina. NGC MS-64.


Price: $650

1927. British Mandate, Palestine.  1 Mil "Holyland Token". 8.71gr. X#Tn2. Obv: Palestine 1 Mil coin reverse in inner circle (Value in Hebrew, English and Arabic divided by olive branch). English legend and date in outer circle. Thick planchet; "C" in "Historical" is re-engraved; Obverse beading is bigger; Of top 2 berries, left one is higher; Hebrew Mil "מיל" touching the inner circle. Rev: Palestine 1 Mil coin obverse in inner circle (Palestine in Arabic, English and Hebrew with date below). Arabic legend and date in outer circle. PCGS MS-64 RB.


Price: $3,000

Medal commemorative devoted to the memory of Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687). Engraver: Ewa Olszewska-Borys. Cast bronze. 109x115mm. Issued by the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork, 1986. 


Price: $700

Medal commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork. Engraved by Ewa Olszewska-Borys, 1985. Struck tombac, 70 mm.


Price: $150

European Crowns  Two Volumes:

1. European Crowns 1484-1600 by John S. Davenport. Hardcover. 

2. European Crowns 1700-1800 by John S. Davenport. Hardcover. 
Both in very good condition. No marks or creases.
Price: $225

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