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1696-MIM. Schwarzenberg. Ferdinand Wilhelm Eusebius (1652-1703) Taler. Kremnitz mint. DAV-7702. KM-17. Mintmaster: Martin Josef Mayerl. Obv: Conjoined busts of Ferdinand and Maria Anna. FERDINAND ET MARIA ANNA. Rev: Two crowned and mantled shields, date above, legend begins at bottom. Reverse legend variety: D: G: PRINC. A SCHWARZENBERG.HAERES.LANDGRAVIA.IN SVLZ+. Almost proof like contrasts between fields and devices. A flashy example of this scarce issue in a stunning state of technical preservation, with a marvelous cabinet patina and needle-sharp detail throughout the devices. PCGS MS-62.


Price: $3,000

1778-M. Italy. Milan. Maria Theresia (1740-1780 Scudo (6 Lire). DAV-1386. KM-C36, 23.13g. Well struck with lovely rich antique patina, satiny luster. The first regular, machine struck crown type of Milan. Very rare quality for the type as Maria Theresa was very unpopular in Milan during this period and many of the coins issued with her portrait were defaced. NGC MS-62.


Pedigreed to the Millennia Collection Sale


Price: $3,250

1789(b). Austria Netherlands. Joseph II. 1/2 Kronentaler. Angelface Mintmark, Brussels Mint. Engraver: Théodore Van Berckel. KM-34. Mintage of 24,418. Obv: Laureate portrait to the right. Legend around for "Iosephus II Dei Gratia Romanorum Imperator Semper Augustus Germaniae Hierosolymae Hungariae Bohemiaeque Rex". Rev: Burgundian cross divides three crowns, decorated with the Order of the Golden Fleece. Date divided by mint mark. Legend around for "Archidux Austriae Dux Burgundiae Lotharingiae Brabantiae Comes Flandriae". Conditionally scarce piece with original mint luster. PCGS MS-64.


Price: $4,250

Medal commemorative devoted to the memory of Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687). Engraver: Ewa Olszewska-Borys. Cast bronze. 109x115mm. Issued by the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork, 1986. 


Price: $600

Israel - A set of 3 highly graded early dated Israeli coins from the King Nortons Mint. 1949 10 Pruta with Pearl Variety King Nortons Mint Archives PCGS SP-64 RB. 1949 100 Pruta King Nortons Mint Archives PCGS SP-64

1960 1 Agora with Serif King Nortons Mint Archives PCGS SP-61


Price: $1,000

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