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I am a passionate collector and these come from my core collection. At times, I purchase multiple coins of a certain type and over time I sell or trade these duplicates for others. Please have a look at the categories to the left and feel free to reach out to should you have additional questions.

France. Charles VII gold Ecu d'Or ND (1422-61). Fr-307. Obv: Crowned arms of France Rev: Floral cross in quadrilobe, An incredible example of this late medieval gold issue. Fully lustrous mint brilliance with a perfectly round flan and complete legends. NGC MS-63.


Price: $1,500

Guelders, Holland (Roermond, Lowlands) Silver Snaphaan, (ND-1492-1538) (Netherlands Zutphen). 1492, the year America was discovered and the first year of the rein of Charles of Egmond who was a member of the House of Egmond and who ruled as Duke of Guelders and Count of Zutphen from 1492 to 1538. The title of Count of Zutphen historically belonged to the ruler of the Dutch province of Gelderland (Zutphen being one of the major cities in the province during the Medieval period). The line of the Counts of Zutphen became extinct in the 12th century and the title passed onto the rulers of Burgundy then from then to the King of Spain until Gelderland became one of the provinces to revolt and form the United Provinces. Obverse has a medieval knight in full battle gear on horseback, with sword drawn in full charge gallop, which gave this coin its name, “snaphaan” as knights were known for snapping up local poultry and speeding away! Early Medieval coins of this size (appx. size of U.S. Dollar) and this condition are excessively rare. Coin is undated, but 1492 was the first year of mintage. RRR, Delmonte-516, Van der Chijs(1852) Pl.18.42. AMONG THE FINEST KNOWN, RRRR. This coin has no flat spots, is well struck on a full planchet & covered with a soft, brilliant golden sunset tone. PCGS XF-40, the only one graded by PCGS or NGC. 


Price: $1,350

1623. Salzburg. Paris of Lodron (1619-1653) Taler. DAV-3497. Very hard to find these in mint state with a sharp strike. These were crudely minted and have plachet flaws, as this one does. One of the centerpieces of the set. NGC MS-63.

Price: $2,100

1683 Hungary. Transylvania, Principality. Imre Thököly (1690-1691). AR Medal. 45.5mm, 27.46gr. By Johann Engelhart of Breslau. Dated 1683 (in Roman numerals). EMERIC · TOC · KOL · HUNGAROR · REBELL · CAPUT ·, Obv: Armored and draped bust right. Rev: (rosette) RETROCA DIT AUDAX (The reckless one falls back), Icarus falling from the sky; a second winged figure to the left; above, radiant sun; below, tower on island in the sea; MDC LXXXIII in exergue. Resch 81.; Coll. Horsky. Of great rarity. PCGS SP-62.


Price: $4,250

Iraq. King Faisal I mint year AH1350//1932. One Riyal. KM-101. 500,000 minted. 34mm, 29gr. Obverse: Head of King Faisal I right. "Faisal Al-awal" (Faisal the First) written right side anti-clockwise. "Malik Al-Iraq" (King of Iraq) written left anti-clockwise. Reverse: "Al Mamlakah" (Kingdom) written above. 1932AD year on left and AH1350 year on right. Value (1 Riyal) in center circle. "Al-Iraqiyah" (Iraq) written below.This coin is extremely rare in mint state condition (finest is MS-64) and this particular one is the finest graded. PCGS MS-62.

Price: $3,750
1969. Israel. 1 Lira. 27.5mm. KM-47. Copper-Nickel. Obv. Three stylized grenadine fruits, state emblem (menorah flanked by olive branches). Rev: Value, 2 stars (image from early coins at about 103 B.C. Alexander Jannaeus). Beautifully toned specimen. NGC MS-65.
Price: $85

1970. Franklin Mint. Series: The Genius of Michelangelo. The Death of Haman sterling silver art medal, approximately 1.25 troy ounce .925 fine silver. 45mm, proof beautifully toned.


Price: $65

1999. Solvenia. 500 Korún. 500th Anniversary of Striking of the first thaler coins in Kremnica. Mintage: 12,400


Price: $75

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