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1704. Austria. Leopold I *1657-1705) Taler. Hall Mint. DAV-1003. KM-1303.4, Her. 652, M-T-760. A one of a kind surviving specimen having all one would expect from a crown - strike, eye appeal and design. Amazing patina. UNC.
Price: $2,150

1789(b). Austria Netherlands. Joseph II. 1/2 Kronentaler. Angelface Mintmark, Brussels Mint. Engraver: Théodore Van Berckel. KM-34. Mintage of 24,418. Obv: Laureate portrait to the right. Legend around for "Iosephus II Dei Gratia Romanorum Imperator Semper Augustus Germaniae Hierosolymae Hungariae Bohemiaeque Rex". Rev: Burgundian cross divides three crowns, decorated with the Order of the Golden Fleece. Date divided by mint mark. Legend around for "Archidux Austriae Dux Burgundiae Lotharingiae Brabantiae Comes Flandriae". Conditionally scarce piece, standalone in its quality, having full original mint luster. PCGS MS-64.


Price: $4,500

1896. Hungary. Franz Joseph I. (1848-1916) Millennium George's Thaler. Kremnitz Mint. 45 mm . 26.78 g. Frühwald: 2206, Herinek 1107. Adamo KE11, Moravec 215. Mz .: 348, Gohl: N.K.1904.S.65, Tower: 897, Millenium coinage for the millennium celebration of the conquest of Hungary, applying Christian Hermann Roth designs depicting St. George slaying the dragon. Obv: Av: S: GEORGIVS • EQVITVM • PATRONVS • dragonfighting St. George's horse right, bottom of the year 1896. Rev: Rv: IN TEMPESTATE • SECVRITAS * in a sailboat storm, sleeping Jesus and the twelve apostles. Scarce with mintage of 100 pieces. PCGS MS-63.


Price: $5,750

1879. Austria. 2 Florin/Gulden. 36mm, 24.69gr. Franz Joseph I. Vienna mint. Dav-31; KM-XM5. KM-2233. Thun-464. Commemorating the 25th wedding anniversary of Franz Joseph I of Austria to Elizabeth of Bavaria. Mintage: 275,000. PCGS MS-65.


Price: $1,500

1830. Italian Kingdom. Kingdom of Sardinia. Genoa Mint. Carlo Felice (1821-1831) 5 Lire. KM-116.2. Pagani-74. Gig-47, Montenegro-66. MIR-1035. Lusterous coin. NGC MS-63. 


Price: $2,650

1911-R. Italy. Rome Mint. Victor Emmanuel III (1900-1946) 5 Lire struck for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the kingdom. NGC MS-65+. Finest Graded.


Price: $5,750

1928-R. Italy. Rome Mint. KM-70. Victor Emmanuel III (1900-1946) 20 Lire commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the end of World War I. Lusterous issues. NGC MS-64.


Price: $2,300

Medal commemorative devoted to the memory of Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687). Engraver: Ewa Olszewska-Borys. Cast bronze. 109x115mm. Issued by the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork, 1986. 


Price: $600

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