Ferdinand II (1619-1637)

1621. Ferdinand II (1617-1637) Taler. DAV-3102. Styria, Graz Mint. Mint state graded for this difficult to find type which often has a cruder strike. One of the key pieces in the collection. NGC MS-64.

1624. Ferdinand II (1617-1637) Taler. DAV-3104. Graz Mint. Lusterous Taler from a tougher mint. 1624/3 overdate which needs to be noted. Classical piece with wonderful detail. PCGS MS-63.

1624. Bohemia. Ferdinand II, 1592-1618-1637 Taler. Joachimstal Mint. Mintmaster:. Gregor Steinmüller. Obv: Emperor stands in armor, holding scepter and orb. Rev: Crowned double eagle with breastplate. A sharp specimen, offering great luster and peripheral toning for this Bohemian crown type. PCGS AU-58.

1632. Hungary. Ferdinand II (1617-1637) Taler. Nagybánya Mint. Dav. 3131, Her. 589a, Huszár 1182, Voglh. 144/I; Obv: Laurate bust facing right with wide curls, necklace and the ring of the order of the golden fleece; Smaller portrait, remains within inner circle. Rev: Under the imperial crown, double-headed eagle holding sword and scepter with crowned twofold straight Hungarian coat of arms (Árpád stripes, double cross on a triple hill) with no center chest-shield. Mintmark at the feet of eagle inside. Scare type and practically non existant in mint state. NGC MS-62.

1632-KB. HUNGARY. Ferdinand II (1619-37) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3129. KM-75. Huszar-1179. Voglhuber-142. Well struck, toned, mint-state example with a lovely patina. NGC MS-64.


1633-KB. HUNGARY. Ferdinand II (1619-37) Taler. Kremnitz Mint. DAV-3129. KM-75. Huszar-1179. Voglhuber-142. Luster abounds on this absolutely stunning, mint-state example with exceptional, high-relief detail and the most beautiful mixture of amber-silver patination. NGC MS-63.


Pedigreed to the Virgil Brand Collection.


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