Mikve Israel Tokens

Alliance Israelite Universelle (AIU), was established in 1860 to protect both Jewish and non-Jewish minority rights, on the basis of Judaic principles and the ideals of the French revolution (1789). The AIU promoted the ideals of Jewish self-sufficieny and defense through education and profressional development, and its motto is the Rabbinic injunction "All of Israel is responsible for each other". The AIU embarked on a "civilizing mission" to advance the progress of Jews in the Middle East on the basis of French education and culture, and - from a numismatic angle - in this framework, in 1879 produced the AIU tokens of the Mikveh Israel Jewish agricultural school in Palestine. 


Mikve Israel is the Jewish agricultural school founded by Charles Netter in 1879, on behalf of the AIU. The tokens are similar to the ones of Zichron Ya'acov in three denominations without any detail as to the actual denomination. They were issued about the same time in denominations of 1/4, 1/2 and 1.

A rare brass token of 1 Piaster (29mm, 4.7gr), issued by the "Mikveh Yisrael" school for the use of its students or workers during the year 1885 or 1886. The name of the coin does not appear on the token, most likely so as not to break the Ottoman law. Obv: The denomination and the inscription "Mikweh Israel". Rev: The initials "AIU" - Alliance Israélite Universelle in the center. PCGS graded EF-45.

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