Mining Talers

1693. German States. Henneberg-Ilmenau Taler. Mintmaster Sebastian Altmann. DAV 7481; KM-14; Müseler Supplement 56.6 / 4 a; Snow 619; Coll. Vogelsang 782 var. Issued to commemorate the yield of the miles in Ilmenau. Obv: Two ornamented helmets and crested shields of Saxony and Henneberg including mountain and metallurgical implements supported by miners. Rev: Crowned hen to the right, under the radiant name of Jehovah, in the section "Signatur BA". NGC AU-58.

1701 RB. GERMANY, Harz. Tauftaler – Baptismal Taler (50mm, 1h). Zellerfeld mint; Rudolf Bornemann, mintmaster. Obv: St. John the Baptist kneeling right, baptizing Jesus Christ standing facing in River Jordan, hands crossed over breast; dove of the Holy Spirit and radiate name of God above. Rev: Biblical passages in ten lines. Davenport 2935; Katsouros 3; Fassbender 2793. Sharply struck and beautifully toned. NGC  MS-62. 

From the Jonathan K. Kern Collection.

1756 IBH. GERMANY, Braunschweig-Calenberg-Hannover (Kurfürstentum und Herzogtum). Georg II. As King of Great Britain, 1727-1760. AR Taler (41mm, 29.45 g, 6h). Weisser Schawn (White Swan) Mine. Zellerfeld mint. Obv: Crowned coat-of-arms. Rev: Swan swimming left on lake; Wiesser Schawn (White Swan) mine in background. Smith 131; Welter 2568; Davenport 2097; KM 291. Lighty toned. NGC MS-62.

1769 IWS. Brunswick-Luneberg-Calenberg-Hannover Mining Taler. Mintmaster:Johann Wilhelm Schlemm (IWS). Electorate of Hannover, George III (1760-1807). Mint: Clausthal. DAV-2104. KM 343. Welter, 2802; Müseler, 10.6.4/4. Obv: British royal crown ontop of coat-of-arms of the House of Hannover (British royal arms). Rev: Features a standing effigy of Saint Andreas superimposed against cross. Togate and nimbate facing figure of Saint Andreas carrying X-shaped cross. Mint master`s initials (I.W.S.) in exergue. This type depicting St. Andrew with his cross is recorded for 1761-73. The Duchy of Brunswick was divided and subdivided in the seventeenth century but was eventually reassembled as the Kingdom of Hannover before being absorbed into Prussia in 1866.  In addition to all of the facial and hair detail remaining present, the cross sectional grain of the wood on the surface of the cross is fully preserved. The reverse coat of arms is equally impressive. A somewhat common coin in the circulated grades, at this elite level of preservation the issue becomes conditionally rare. NGC MS-64.


From the Dr. Michael Phillip Collection. Ex: Stack's Sale of September 1988, Lot# 817

1791 ICK. GERMAN STATES. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1/2 Taler. Friedrich Karl. Saalfeld. KM 133; Jaeger 20; Fischer 587.Obv: Bust of Friederick Karl facing left. Rev: Two nude bushmen aside the coat of arms. Superb lustrous gem, attractively toned. NGC MS-65.

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