1755 Austrian-Netherlands. Duchy of Brabant (Belgium). Antwerp Mint. Maria Theresia (1740-1780) Kronentaler. Delmonte 387, Davenport 1282, Eypelt. 437, Voglhuber 287. Obv: St. Andrew's Cross, in the corners 4 crowns. Rev: Double-headed eagle with coat of arms on the chest. Conditionally scarce without commonly seen adjustment marks. NGC MS-64.

1789. Austria Netherlands. Joseph II Kronenthaler. DAV-1284. KM-32. Brussels mint. Mintage of 356,000. Obv: Bust right, IOSEPH II D G R IMP. Rev: Floriated cross with 3 crowns in upper angles, ARCH AUST DUX BURG LOTH BRAB. An extremely sharp example with mottled silvery-gold patina, original mint luster, and charming angel face mintmark. A premium piece rarely seen in such high grade. PCGS MS-62.

1789(b). Austria Netherlands. Joseph II. 1/2 Kronentaler. Angelface Mintmark, Brussels Mint. Engraver: Théodore Van Berckel. KM-34. Mintage of 24,418. Obv: Laureate portrait to the right. Legend around for "Iosephus II Dei Gratia Romanorum Imperator Semper Augustus Germaniae Hierosolymae Hungariae Bohemiaeque Rex". Rev: Burgundian cross divides three crowns, decorated with the Order of the Golden Fleece. Date divided by mint mark. Legend around for "Archidux Austriae Dux Burgundiae Lotharingiae Brabantiae Comes Flandriae". Conditionally scarce piece with original mint luster. PCGS MS-64.

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