Commemorative Issues

1628. Salzburg. Paris von Londron Taler. DAV-3499. KM-110. Beautiful iridescent toning with waves of blue and red throughout. The single highest graded example seen by either NGC or PCGS. Amazingly preserved- clearly this is a piece that has been kept in someone's coin cabinet for the vast majority of the last four centuries, where it was able to retain most of its original mint luster and gain its gorgeous toning. Struck to commemorate the Consecration of Salzburg Cathedral, with the obverse showing the facade of the Cathedral flanked by bishops, while the reverse depicts a group of bishops carrying a reliquary with angels below. NGC MS-65.

1682. Salzburg. Max Gandolph Graf Kuenburg (1648-1687) Commemorative Taler. DAV-3509. Struck in 1682 commemorating the 1100 year of the bishopric state of Salzburg. One of the better pieces in my collection. Strong strike and super lovely toning. PCGS MS-64.

Salzburg. Jacob Ernst von Liechtenstein (1745-1747) Taler. DAV-1243. Probszt 2193. KM 345. Schon 71. Very scarce one year type, issued by the Archbishopric of Salzburg. 800 minted. The monastery and bishopric of Salzburg was established around 700 AD, and was raised to an Archbishopric in 798. Silver crown, with the Madonna and Christ on the obverse, and Saint Rupert in the clouds on the reverse. Scarce. NGC AU-55.

1754. Salzburg. Sigismund III., Graf von Schrattenbach (1753-1771) Taler. DAV-1248. Very rare, low mintage, type with a sharp strike, prooflike surfaces and some colorful bluish toning. Ex Millennnia Collection and Irving Goodman Collection. I love this piece. NGC MS-63 PL.

1758. Salzburg, Sigismund III., Graf von Schrattenbach (1753-1771) Taler. DAV-1250, KM-391, Probszt-2277. Obv: Saint, haloed and standing, head to left. Rev: An attractive type featuring Madonna laying Christ down in swaddling clothes with motto band above and arms to right. A Choice example of this scarce, one-year type. Fully lustrous with a touch of golden toning. NGC MS-64 PL.

1759. Salzburg. Sigismund III., Graf von Schrattenbach (1753-1771) Taler. DAV-1252. Wonderfully lustrous piece in mint state condition. Very scarce in such grade. NGC MS-63.


The Dr. Robert Hesselgesser Collection. Goldberg's sale 36, lot 1859.

1769. Salzburg. Sigismund III., Graf von Schrattenbach (1753-1771) 1/2 Show Taler Commemorating the South Gate ("Sigismundtor") Completion. Engraver: Franz Xaver Matzenkopf Jr. HZ:2965. BR:4157. Very scarce. PCGS MS-62.

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