Jehovah Themed Coins

ND (1630). Baptism medal engraved by Sebastian Dadler. 38.1mm; 17.16 gr. Obv: Baptism of Jesus Christ baptized by Saint John the Baptist in the Jordan River. On the right two Angels, a praying angel and in front of it a kneeling angel holding the garment of Christ. A tree to the sides, above the dove of the Holy Spirit in rays. Rev: View of a baptistery in which a priest holds a child over a church font, with priest, parents and godfather, above the dove of the Holy Spirit in clouds. Wiecek 68. Maué 88. Extraordinary condition and eye appeal. PCGS MS-65.

1647. By J. Looff (1623-1651). Commemorating the golden 50th wedding anniversary of Hans van Loon and Anna Ruyckhaver. Obv: two coat of arms, above which two hands clasped out of the clouds, holding ribbons; on the ribbons the names of the lords; bottom on the ribbon date and year; at the top of the Hebrew god name (Jehovah) surrounded by rays. Rev: Surrounded by leaf wreath a text. HANS VAN LOON ANNA RUYCKHAVERS (1573-1649) 27 May, 1597 27". KZ: " Love is happening / in eewicheyt / Faith and hope to be forgotten / If love neither I / I or I love you / Ist Iubel iaar voldaen / 1647.". NGC AU-55.

1653. Hamburg. Bankportugaleser. Engraving by Sebastian Dadler (1586-1657). 50mm; 35.23gr. Wiecek 145. Maué 80. PiN 166. Gaedechens 1567. The Medal commemorates five years since the end of the devastating Thirty Years' War in 1648. State of Hamburg commissioned a Portugaleser, a German imitation of the Portugese gold coin, Potuguez. Obv: View of the city of Hamburg with its steeples behind high fortifications, the Elbe in the foreground and on the left side, the entrance to the port, where the ships are pushing. On the river many small and large sailing ships, also rowing boats and a raft. Above the city two hands coming from clouds hold a round shield with the Hebrew signature JEHOVAH. Attached to the sign is the emblem of Hamburg in a scrollwork frame. On the sails of a ship on the right side the initials SD and at the bottom the year 1653. Rev: The wide moving River Elbe, filled with sailing ships and rowboats, in the distance on the horizon, the city of Hamburg. Riverbanks growing trees, cereals, vegetables and flowers. Above hovers PAX with palm and olive branch in her right hand and showered their blessings from two oversized cornucopias from: from a several sailboats and from the other grains, fruits and flowers. These blessings give a picture of prosperity, which is based on the maritime trade and the production of agricultural products. NGC MS-64.

1669. GERMAN STATES. Saxe-New-Gotha. Ernst I Taler.  Obv: Bride and groom hold hands under a dove and the divine glory, Hebrew lettering of Jehovah, with rays descending on marriage of Ernst's son Frederick and Magdalena Sybilla of Weissenfels. Rev: 12-line inscription. KM-25; DAV-7449; Schnee 425; Steguweit 22. Extremely rare, Krause notes a mintage of just 747 pieces. Lovely olive and gold toning. NGC MS-62.

1693. German States. Henneberg-Ilmenau Taler. Mintmaster Sebastian Altmann. DAV 7481; KM-14; Müseler Supplement 56.6 / 4 a; Snow 619; Coll. Vogelsang 782 var. Issued to commemorate the yield of the mines in Ilmenau. Obv: Two ornamented helmets and crested shields of Saxony and Henneberg including mountain and metallurgical implements supported by miners. Rev: Crowned hen to the right, under the radiant name of Jehovah, in the section "Signatur BA". NGC AU-58.

1699 Joseph I (1705-1711) Medal by P. H. Müller. 44mm, 29.86gr. Commemorating Joseph I's wedding with Amalia Wilhelmina von Braunschweig u. Calenberg. Mont: 1277, Coll. Julius 570. Spectacular design and toning. NGC MS-64.

1701 RB. GERMANY, Harz. Tauftaler – Baptismal Taler (50mm, 1h). Zellerfeld mint; Rudolf Bornemann, mintmaster. Obv: St. John the Baptist kneeling right, baptizing Jesus Christ standing facing in River Jordan, hands crossed over breast; dove of the Holy Spirit and radiate name of God above. Rev: Biblical passages in ten lines. Davenport 2935; Katsouros 3; Fassbender 2793. Sharply struck and beautifully toned. NGC  MS-62. 

From the Jonathan K. Kern Collection.

1700s. Augsburg as Free State. Wedding medal o. J. (around 1700), by P. H. Müller. 54.69mm; 43.54gr. Obv: Marriage medal depicting the bride and groom standing opposite each other, shaking hands, before a sprouting vine. Rev: Two hands coming from heave, out of clouds, holding a heart, above them radiant name of Jehovah, Below two beaking pigeons on an olive branch. Forster 879; Coll. Goppel 1030. NGC MS-61.

1700s. Augsburg. Free State. Silver baptismal medal o. J., by P. H. Müller (Philipp Heinrich Müller (1654-1719). 49.03 mm, 29.13gr. Forster 872; Coll. Goppel 1106. Slg.Erl. 2250. u. 4423. Obv: A priest baptizes a child at a baptismal font, next to Christ on the cross; The blood spring bouncing off his side, the priest begins to baptize, above, the dove of the Holy Spirit and God the Father in clouds. “And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live, Rev: Christ as a wanderer passes by a child lying on the ground. UNC.

ND (Ca. 1717). Silver medal, by P. H. Miiller, on the apostolic faith confession. 40mm. 20.26gr. Forster 867; Goppel 2811. Obv: The creed, worm-like inward. Rev: Three angel heads between 3 medallions with the creation of Eve, the resurrection of Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In the interval angels, foliage and the initials of the medalist. The religious confession is the testimony of the personal faith as well as the testimony of a religious community (apostolic = which comes from the apostles or their doctrine corresponds). PCGS SP-55.

GERMAN STATES. Augsburg. 18th Century (ND) AR Medal. By PH Muller. 44mm. On marriage and the family. Obv: Pair, connected by chain with heart in the center, below radiant triangle. Rev: Female figure with cornucopia leads a boy holding a bird's nest; in the background, hen and chicks. Goppel 1035; Forster 878. NGC MS-63.

1803 Hamburg. Engraved by Abramson (unsigned). 37mm, 13.5gr. Commemorating the 1,000th anniversary of the city. Obv: Radiant name of God above view of the city dated 803 with three fisherman huts on the banks of the Elbe in the foreground and fishing boats. Rev: Radiant name of the god above, dated 1803, a city view of the fortified city from the harbor side with sailing ships, in front of the Elbe with several sailing ships. Gaedechens 2001. Hoffmann 142. COLL. Kirsten 1040. Beautiful Patina. NGC MS-64.

1830. Augsburg. Reformation Medal celebrating the3rd Jubilee of the Augsburg Confession. June 25, 1830. 44mm. 26,94g. Whiting 659. Mann 1015. Brozatus 1307. Fast 307. Schnell 307. Sommer P 37/1. Merseburger 2151. Engraved by Loos and Pfeuffer. Obv: Martin Luther and Melanchthon stand at the altar with the Bible open - O Land! Land! Land! Hear the word of the Lord. On Bible: Jeremiah 22:29. Rev: Dr. Christian Bayer, Chancellor of Saxony, hands over to the King Charles V the evangelical Confession at the Reichstag at Augsburg. Rim: ‘Fine silver worth of a Joachimstaler'. Beautifully toned NGC MS-63.

Augsburg. GERMAN STATES. Augsburg (c. 1850) AR Medal. By Drentwett. 40.0mm, 22.01gr. Obv: Confirmation scene, bishop blessing child, standing behind family, over it the Holy Spirit. Rev: God is that guids us and the weak in spirit has been granted our hearts. NGC MS-64.

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